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Installing ShowPlay

ShowPlay is secure.

Ignore buggy warnings by Windows
about harming your computer.

P1 or X4 Download
 ShowPlay 6.70 

If you see  Windows protected your PC 
click  More info  then  Run anyway 

Old models Download
 ShowPlay 6.16 

Then click here
for instructions

 or press ENTER

Installing ShowPlay

Start installation

By running the Setup_SP6.EXE
program you just downloaded.

Click to install.

Installing ShowPlay


Read and accept
the simple license.

And click here...

Installing ShowPlay

Installation only
takes 10 seconds.

Running !

ShowPlay auto-starts
after installing.

Songs folder

One thing left...

Is telling ShowPlay
where your songs are.

The easiest way is...

Drag one of your songs
onto ShowPlay.


Right-click in
the songs list.


Songs folder


Go up and down


Open and close
folders with

All done !

Enjoy ShowPlay !

Any question?
Contact us at

Using custom hardware?

For help changing
audio devices, see the 1st time setup